Innovative Energy Saving LED Technology

Energy and cost saving LEDlight solutions

We develop energy and cost saving LEDlight solutions. Whether it’s in a tunnel, a warehouse or on an oil drilling platform. We got the right product for every situation and location.

For every problem, at any location we’ll find a solution with our energy and cost-saving LEDlights.

Our Product

The BB LEDlightpipe® is a durable, continuous stream of LED light that is perfectly suited for use in heavy industry, marine, oil & gas, infrastructure, and parking garages.

You will be able to save on energy costs by utilizing the efficient BB LEDlightpipe®. In addition to this, the plug-and-play mounting system drastically reduces the mounting time required.

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Calculate your savings

Calculate how much you can save when you utilize the BB LEDlightpipe® technology. We can give you an accurate overview of your current energy use and your situation when you use our LED lighting.